Contest logging software workshop & Frank Wright Audio Broadcast

Contest logging software workshop (Detail: John G4CZB will demonstrate some popular logging programs which you can try out) 

Frank Wright was the founder of the Northampton Radio Club and a special broadcast was made by Tom Percival, BBC Radio Northampton, on his very interesting life and his famous visit and broadcast from the Eiffel Tower a hundred years previously during the first world war.

Northampton Radio Club took part in this and Bugbrooke School was set up as the receiving station with Radio club de la Gare de L’est, F5KTR, hosting Richard G6TVB, Tom Percival, cameraman and interpreter Caroline, as the transmitting station.

Unfortunately due to security problems and of course the virtually impossible task of attaching suitable aerials to the Eiffel Tower, let alone wandering around the area with suspicious looking equipment, we used the setup at their 7th floor radio station just across from the Main East railway station in Paris.

You will hear a reinactment of the famous broadcast and the reply from Bugbrooke School.

The broadcast lasts about 45m