Interested in contesting? Taking part in a contest and doing well combines many of the skills we learn as radio amateurs: 

  • · Constructing or putting together an efficient station 
  • · Knowledge of propagation 
  • · Design and construction of antennas 
  • · Operating skill 
  • · Power distribution and safety 
  • · Digital and weak signal techniques ….and many, many more. 

You can take part as an individual from home or join us on one of the many multi-operator events we take part in, mostly from the club field which is in an electrically quiet rural location. Success comes from experience and learning from others but primarily contesting is a fun activity! 

Individual events supported by the club that you can participate in from home or as a portable/ mobile station are: 

·VHF/UHF Activity Contests (UKACs) on 50/70/144/432/1296 MHz (SSB and CW) ·VHF/UHF FM Activity Contests on 144/432 MHz (FM)
·Club Championship on 3.5 MHz (SSB, CW and Datamodes)
·AFS (Affiliated Society contests) on 1.8/3.5/7 MHz (SSB, CW and Datamodes) 

Other contests we usually take part in are: 

  • · 1st 70 MHz (April) 
  • · 1st 50 MHz (April) 
  • · 50 MHz Trophy (June) 
  • · VHF NFD (July) 
  • · 144 MHz Trophy (September) 
  • · 70 MHz AFS (September) 
  • · 50 MHz AFS (October) 
  • · 144 MHz AFS (December) 

For more details of these RSGB contests with dates, times and rules see: (VHF/UHF contests) (HF contests) 

For more information on the above and any other contesting matters email me:

Suggestions of contests for the club to support are always welcome. Most National Societies in other countries organise contests, many of the major International events are promoted by the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) but even Practical Wireless magazine in the UK hold separate 2m and 4m contests once a year. 

John G4CZB