If you want to take your Foundation Licence Exam, the first step to becoming a radio amateur our Training Team, Bob M0HAF and John G4CZB will be happy to facilitate training and support until you are ready to sit the exam.  There are no entry requirements or age restrictions to start working on the Foundation Licence.  The training includes some compulsory Practical Assessments which when completed ensures that the student can operate radio equipment safely and correctly when they have qualified for their licence.
Similarly we provide full support for the Intermediate and Advanced (Full) Licence.  These higher level licences allow greater transmit power and other privileges not available to the Foundation licensee.
We sometimes run formal training courses where appropriate but most students find our system of one to one support at times and places to suit the individual is preferred.  This allows everyone to start straight away on their journey to obtaining an amateur radio licence.  Examinations are held throughout the year as and when required.
We believe amateur radio should be accessible to everyone, and we recommend that candidates with disabilities contact us to discuss what adjustments we can make to assist them in taking the exams.  For example an examination paper without diagrams may be produced for the registered blind and a Reader/Writer provided.  Extra examination time (amount depending on the degree of disability) may be allocated when a Reader/Writer is required.  A home examination may be arranged if the candidate is physically unable to attend the examination location.  An examination paper printed on coloured paper may be produced to aid those who are dyslexic.  More information on this and training in general from the RSGB.
For further information please contact our Training Team.