Training & Exams
We offer comprehensive training courses and exams available throughout the year. If you are interested in taking an exam with us please contact the training team.
Foundation Licence
The entry point to becoming a radio amateur is the Foundation exam, whilst it is not compulsory to undertake any formal training for the exam it is advised as you will learn practical skills such as how to correctly operate a transceiver. The Foundation exam consists of 26 multiple choice questions to be answered in 55 minutes, requiring at least 19 to be answered correctly. There is no age limit for taking the examination, although candidates must be of an age where they are able to read and understand the training book, be able to recognise and use fractions and decimals, and be able to sit a formal examination.  Useful Resources: RSGB Licensing FAQ Foundation License Now! (RSGB Bookstore) Mock Exams
Intermediate Licence
After gaining a foundation license an operator can progress to the Intermediate license which carries more privileges such as increased permitted operating power, moving from the 10 Watts of the foundation license upto 50 Watts. The exam consists of 45 multiple-choice questions each with four possible responses, which covers the remainder of the syllabus. The examination lasts one hour and 25 minutes, and can be taken either online or on paper. Leading up to the exam a candidate will also undertake some practical assessments such as soldering and building a personal electronics project. Useful Resources: Intermediate License Book (RSGB Bookstore) Intermediate Mock Exams
Advanced Licence
The Advances license which is also referred to as a ‘Full’ license is the final examination available to a UK radio operator and comes with much more privileges but also responsibilities such as increased power limits and the ability to operate in other countries without further formal application. Unlike the Foundation & Intermediate licenses there are no practical sections however the examination will require significant study for success. Like the previous exams there is no requirement for a candidate to take a formal course but local and distance learning courses are available. The exam can be taken online or on paper and consists of 62 multiple choice questions each with four possible responses.
Useful Resources: Advanced Licence Book (RSGB Bookstore) Advanced Mock exams
Accessability & Disabilities
We believe amateur radio should be accessible to everyone, and all examination centres should make reasonable adjustments for candidates with disabilities. We recommend that candidates with disabilities contact us to discuss what adjustments we can make to assist them in taking the exams. Typical examples of adjustments that can be made:
An examination paper without diagrams may be produced for the registered blind and a Reader/Writer provided. Extra examination time (amount depending on the degree of disability) may be allocated when a Reader/Writer is required. A home examination may be arranged if the candidate is physically unable to attend the examination location. An examination paper printed on coloured paper may be produced to aid those who are dyslexic. Further Information is available via the RSGB or by contacting one of our trainers